updating 03 yz450f looks

I got a deal on a 03 yz450f with older plactics with some creases and whats left of some stock looking graphics. What should i do to spruce it up? Can I run newer model plastics or is it best to replace with a fitted kit from acerbis or polisport? 


It's a woods/trails bike, and I'll probably have it on its sides alot. haha


It's got a blue frame and blue stock tank. It was all painted black with plastic paint at one time, as the fenders are still black and some crevises elsewhere are.


I really like the newer white bikes and think that black plastics would look beat up easier but dont wanna go with the oem mostly blue setup.


Sorry for running on, any ideas? 


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what exhaust do you have on that? Looks rectangular?

i have white and blue plastics on my 09 and i really like the combination but if you want to keep the white somewhat clean your going to have to scrub her down every ride lol

what exhaust do you have on that? Looks rectangular?

I believe it is a White Bros aluminum something. not sure of what model.

Good luck with your plastic search. They don't make any other colors than the stock blue and white combo any more as far as I know. Ufo and a few other companies at one time made yellow black and white plastics for every piece. If you look hard enough, you can find these still on eBay etc.

You can still find white front and rear fenders but the radiator shrouds are usually harder to find in different colors.

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