Use KYB 01 oil in the shock w/ R.T. Gold Valve?

I've just installed the Race-Tech Gold Valve kit in my forks with great results(using Kayaba 01 oil). I'm going to install the shock Gold Valve kit and would like to know if the 01 oil is the best to use with the new valving.


When I installed gold valves in my forks and shock, I used PJ1 Cartridge Tuner Pro (US-1, 5wt) A few people have also recommended Bel Ray HV-1 5wt. I love the results of the "new" front/rear setup and the oil works great!

What valve stack did you use for the front forks? What stack are you going to use for the shock? Also where is Euless, TX? I live in Friendswood, TX (10 mins south of Houston)! Good Luck,


It is not a good idea to use fork oil in shocks. The reason is Viscosity Index. Fork oil is usually around 200 VI, shock oil around 400 VI. That means shock oil will not thin out as much due to heat, otherwise known as fading. Read the label for VI.

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