Zip -Ty Gas tank????

Has anyne tried one. If so, how are they? Any input would be great. Thanks :)

Do a search on this forum or the 250 forum. I think most people say they suck for the money. I ordered the clarke, but not for the sweet .2 gallon increase. It was more of a style thing so I could choose more graphics, which might be lame but what the hell. :)

This one said it is 3.3 gallons. The only reason I am buying the new one is because the stock tank had a big crack in it. I wanted to find out if it is a quality tank or not? :)

If I am not mistaken, that is an IMS tank with the Zip Ty name on it. I bought one and because of the second gas fitting right beside the exhaust pipe I decided to send it back. I think Acerbis makes a tank but I'm not sure. Either way you have to use the ZX shrouds. If my tank cracked I'd go with the Clarke.


What are ZX shrouds? :)

I have a zipty-ims tank on a 03 wr450f. Raced the entire GNCC season never a problem. The only thing I didn't like when I installed it was the hook up to the carb (IMS has you to route the fuel line above the intake manifold :D) but after talking to Randy Hawkins' mechanic, Dale, the fix is to turn the fuel inlet to the carb down. :D Worked perfect :)

What do you mean by turning the nlet down? Im a bit confused? Thansk again for the help :)

ZX shrouds are very, very rare. To those who are a lot smarter than me they would be YZ shrouds :)


ZX shrouds are very, very rare. To those who are a lot smarter than me they would be YZ shrouds :)


No smartassness intended. Thought maybe someone was producing aftermarket shrouds that were specifically for their aftermarket tank and they were calling'em ZX shrouds.

What do you mean by turning the nlet down? Im a bit confused? Thansk again for the help :)

The brass carb inlet rotates. I'm assuming he means just to rotate the inlet down. On my 02 with the Zipty tank my carb inlet is pointing approximately at an 8 o'clock position when looking directly at it.

For the right petcock to work without hitting my FMF powerbomb, I had to rotate the petcock 180 degrees(So it faces forward). The fuel line then loops back, is ziptied to the petcock. Routed along the inner edge of the tank. A zipty is loosely looped through rear motor mount, so as to be able for fuel line to be held in its position and be routed under the manifold. Make sure to leave the stock petcock to fuel line tee long, so the other line stays close to the carb and not the rear of the cylinder/timing chain adjuster.

To make the loop back from the right petcock, use some hard fuel line(at auto parts store). You can make the hard line route back to almost where you need to route under the manifold, or you can use a spring in the supplied fuel line. Spring should be a little bit tight when inserting, and be thin and the extended kind. ie. Kind of like the one used in a retractable ink pen, but larger diameter. This keeps the line from kinking. It should be inserted just enough for you to insert the line on the petcock nipple.

Getting to the petcock is now a bit of a pain, especially when hot, but it was the best solution I could come up with without going to a Clarke.

Other things I don't particularly like is the use of only one of the stock tank mounts. It seems secure enough and I use some safety wire on the back tank mount just in case, but it would not have taken much to fix the petcock and tank mount problem without loosing tank capacity. I wonder who is doing there R&D. :D


The Zip Ty tank sets the gas lower on the bike and is skinnier at your knees than the other aftermarket tanks.

I LOVE mine... compared the the stock '01 426 that is.


I put the zip ty 3.1 gallon tank on my 04 450, it is a very tight fit, but once on it is great. I measured the fule out and it carries 1 gallon lower than the stock tank even goes. I would recommend it, I never had good luck with clark, have had clarke, Acerbis, and IMS. I feel IMS makes the best product and is worth the price. good luck :)

I second that Dez,IMS Zip-Ty tank carries the fuel the lowest of any aftermarket tank.Best tank money can buy,I LOVE mine.I just use a little aluminum tape on the lower right side to help deflect heat from the header,although I've never had a problem with vapor locking.Just a precaution. :)

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