Stiffer throttle for '14

I am looking for a stiffer throttle spring and or mod to help stiffen up the throttle on my bike. Its just too loose for my like and with the throttle response I tends to get really choppy on me. I have not even looked a the throttle body yet to see how the setup is due to my bike being 40 miles from my home. 

I had a buddy complain of the same on an 09,   I found the cables had tons slack in them making throttle action sloppy/choppy when riding. Sort of imprecise on/off action.  Couple turns of the cable adjuster took the slack out and tightend up the throttle action.


Not sure this applies to you, but worth a check.

Its not really slack as its just a very loose throttle. So when it gets choppy, the throttle gets choppy. Although I will try what you said and maybe it will fix it. 

You can try on of the G2 throttle tubes that will change the pulley leverage ratio at the throttle tube which will mellow out the throttle response from your hand. If you have access to a GYTR tuner you can put in a mellower map that would also reduce how responsive the throttle is.

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