FMF Q for YZ426 Answeres Please !!

I have searched for over an hour and have not found a good answere about wether or not the FMF Q silencer is quieter and increases performance, or at least does'nt rob performance. I'm real interested in a quiet silencer that keeps the power. Could someone that has one please give me the real world results over stock. Or tell me about another silencer that's even better for my application. THX

My biggest problem is-- I can't ride now to test the pipe! Wayyyyy to cold. It is much quieter than stock. someone else in the forum had one and hated it. I guess it fell apart on him after 20 hours. Right now I love it and it seems to have the same power as before. I have to rejet the carb anyway so the power should be the same or better. I would recommend(spelling?) getting one and dont worry 'bout the price. I got mine for 20% over cost!

I had an FMF Q series pipe on my 99 YZ400. It is quiet, that was the main reason I bought it, but it comes at the cost of some low end power. Once the motor gets going, the pipe was not much different than stock. I thought the pipe was designed poorly. My rear brake caliper put a dent in the canister from bottoming out the rear suspension. I also didn't like the header silencer junction as it used no gasket and you could feel the exhaust gases leaking past the joint. The O-ring mounting clamp was also a big pain in the butt, it made installing the pipe a two person affair and that was after you got everything lined up. I wound up going to a stock pipe with a BMP insert that I am able to tune for sound and power. I also kept my FMF Powercore for when I don't care about noise. Unless they redesigned the pipe, which they said they were going to, I would steer clear of the Q pipe until they refine it. I wound up sending mine back for a refund. The theory is good, it just needs some tinkering.


i've also tried to "DO THE RIGHT THING"concerning the noise issue in my area and bought the FMFQ sorry but,only rode with it once so take my opinion is for sure quieter than stock(very good)as far as performance,the jury is still out,i need more time on it in regards to jetting to say for sure but, with a slightly larger main(165)and nothing else power is same as stock except it took away some of the midrange hit,which is ok for my type of riding slimy mud, rocky,rooted,single track,i'll probably try a bigger pilot and play with the air screw as it seemed a little lean on the bottom.also the muffler is HUGE,no problem but i am going to watch the caliper clearance issue though(thanks for the heads up PK)and the clamp is kind of a pain but i figured it out.all the negative (to me)is outweighed by the positive other than price i say go for it.also look at the other thread on here about the big gun system it sounds as if it really looses power when you use their quiet core so i think at this point the FMFQ is our only choice for a real quiet performance pipe.hope this helps it's long and i hope i didn't put you to sleep i almost did typing it.........................................................yto/.nbbb[[zdp zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Originally posted by logg:

I have searched for over an hour and have not found a good answere about wether or not the FMF Q silencer is quieter and increases performance, or at least does'nt rob performance.


Here is a post from just a few days ago:

FMF “Q” Silencer Really Quiet

Don't know if this helps but anyway... I got one for an 02WR250F. I have to have quiet because I need to sneak by some housing to get up into the woods without ruffling any feathers. I also thought it was kind of a pain to install, didn't like the o-ring/rear clamp setup. Also on mine I had to cut 1/4 inch off the pipe to get the holes to line up. Once on it looks pretty good, seems to fit pretty good. I like the sound, it has a slight growl but basically nice and quiet. It seems to rev well. Most of the people that have it on the 250's have positive comments. Unfortunately, I can't give a report on performance as I'm injured and can't ride right now. Hope this helps.


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