Looking for a US stock muffler

Looking for a US stock muffler that has a spark arrestor that is US Forestry Approved. It must fit a Canadain WR450, 03 :)

Ernie, I've got a stock 03 WR450 exhaust with only 2-3 hours on it - absolutely perfect shape. PM me with a good offer, I'll keep it before I give it away. Figure shipping from Denver, Colorado 80215

Keep looking. In the past there have been plenty of guys willing to give them away, you only pay shipping. If you can be a little patient you'll get it.


Still looking for a US stock muffler.

Anyone ????


Ernie :)

Got an 04 exhaust for a WR450 I would sell ya. Never used!

Ha Bluehorse

What are you asking for the muffler

Let me know


Before you buy anything, look on E-bay. I just saw two there last week.

Still Looking....


I have a stock 2003 WR450f exhaust for sale. It is the titanium header with spark arrestor cannistor. Only has about 1000 miles on it, no damage. I have pics.

I am located in Michigan. $150.00 american plus you pay for shipping.

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