valve adjustment / help!!

I am adjusting the valves for the first time on my '01. The middle intake valve was slighlty out of spec. I understand the procedure, and now that I have the correct pad, I am ready to reassemble.

My concern is with the torque of the cap bolts. My torque wrench will not go down to 7.2 ft lbs and being a 3/8 drive , I think it would be too large for the tight location anyway. I have been looking for a 1/4 drive torque wrench but the ones I've seen have been very expensive, and have to be ordered. $100 -$160, much more than 3/8 or 1/2 drive.

I was hoping some of you that have performed valve adjustments on your bikes could tell me what type of torque wrench you used and who makes it.

An expensive torque wrench sure hits my pocketbook hard when I'm saving for a suspension revalve.

Check sears. They have some good wrenches which aren't too expensive (I think under $80 if I remember correctly). Including a 3/8 drive which goes down to 3.x nm. I've got one and so far it seems to work great. I haven't checked my valves yet though so I don't know if you will have a size problem. I would get the wrench; you'll ride much better with a good motor and your current suspension than you will with great suspension but a motor which doesn't run. :)

I bought my torque wrench that goes from 25-240 inch lbs at Sears. It has the 1/4" drive and even with that, the fit is very tight. I hate to say it but I used a 1/4" drive wrench and went by how tight the others were after I used a torque wrench. I would still suggest getting the small torque wrench as you will need sooner or later and at least you can use it on the other torque the others correctly then guesstimate on the one you can't get at.


Do like me and borrow one. I got a real good 3/8" drive from sears that goes from 5-80 ftlbs but like you said, it won't fit in real tight spaces. I did find a 1/4" drive ft/in unit on the sears web site but can't remember exactly what it cost, but I know it was under $100.

A good torque wrench is critical, especially on the cam caps. I have a Snap-On 3/8" that goes from 3.5 lb/ft to 75 lb/ft. Retail price was a mere $210. I also have the 1/4" drive for suspension components that sold for about $170.

You can use an extension and a swivel without affecting the torque values. My 3/8" will fit on the cam caps. Barely, but it does fit.

Hey......NAPA loans tools to people....I think it is like a $50 refundable deposit......just go give'em $50.....borrow the torque wrench......take it back when you're done....and get your $50 dollars back.

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