Yamaha diagnostic tool for WR's

You could take the pins out of the connector with a pick or something.  It could be junk anyway though.

So will the fi tool on eBay work on the 12 wr? Seller says it will?


That's wot I thought cheers

That's wot I thought cheers

Yep originally posted by me, When I first plugged it in the setting was -7 .... I put it up to + 7 and it did help a bit, Have now upped it to + 10 yet to try. If thats no good I will go + 15..

One TT Member stated that the chinese tool has the same scale as the Yamaha tool.

Hi Vixjim what level are you running the CO to I was running +5 now trying +10 here in Australia, I have the F1 tool sorted out.

Hi mate, I too am from Australia, (sydney) Just wondering if you have settled on a Co level yet??? how's +10 going?? That's my next step.

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