stock 03 yz450f is kicking my ass in the woods

Thanks for all the help.


I'm 200lbs and haven't got to mess with the clickers alot with all good parts since

I just got the rear shock rebuilt. I set the sag at 4 inches but it probably has too much pre-load in the spring everything measured right for race sag and static sag but I don't know.


As best I know the springs are stock front and rear and I was gonna see if they would work since I'm riding strictly trails with very small jumps for now.

  I haven't got into the forks yet but plan to do that to change the oil and set the levels.  The seals don't leak as far as I can tell.



Suspension is important alright, but it's expensive to do anything really effective to it, and the OP may not consider it worth while to spend that much on an '03.  What can be done cheaply, though, is this.  First, try a fork oil change, being sure to use a light grade suspension oil (~2-4wt) and keep the oil at near the minimum level.  With the springs removed and both the damper rods and main tubes compressed, the oil level range is supposed to be between 135 and 85mm down from the top of the upper tube.  Try it at 130.  If you can run that oil height without excessive bottoming, the lower level will make the front end fell softer.  Also, back out the compression clickers on the bottoms of the forks.  Turn them all the way in just to where they stop, then come out about 15 clicks.  If this feels too loose, bottoms too easy, etc., go back in two at a time.  Loosen up the rebound (top of the fork) some, too.  Lastly, be sure the spring rates are appropriate for your weight.  Stock springs are intended for riders weighing around 170-190 in street clothes.  Too far off from that, and the suspension will never work right until the springs are matched.


you hit the nail on the head. The bikes old and I just want it setup the best I can to bang around on the trails. Looking to learn on this one and If I want a newer bike later,  I've got a list of people wanting to buy this one off of me already.  


I've set the clickers just a click or two lower than stock settings (per the manual) front and rear when I put the shock back on. Gonna soften everything like you say and work my way back.

Will the 05 cdi fit my 04 450f?? Will it benefit me as well?

Yes, it will fit.  But it will only "benefit" you if you want to make the bike sluggish and less powerful through the mid range and off the bottom.  Stay with what you have if it works.

I want to be able to do both with the bike, trails and track. Can I just add a weight to my flywheel? I can't find a heavier flywheel for my 04. Without just adding a weight to the stock one.

I prefer welded weights, but the add-ons from reputable companies like Steahly work OK. 

If I get the Steahly, should I get the 10 oz or 13 oz?

The 13.

Thanks for your help. I can't weld so I'm going to try the add on weight.

I don't recommend welding on the flywheel in any event.  The reference was to products like DRD and GYT-R flywheels on which the weight comes welded, trued, and balanced already. 

All the advice in here will get you there for sure. I recommend all of it, flywheel, g2, cdi from an 05, and a steel rear sprocket are all ways to make it more controllable. Some more dramatic than others but they will all help and you wont lose any actual performance. Just a more forgiving feel and delivery, allow you to go faster for longer.

Does 13/51 sound about right for my gearing?

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