Cold Sieze???

Well, being a part of this fantastic site is beginning to be the only good thing to come of owning a 00/426. On Wednesday I spent the day tearing up the track at Elsinore with no problems. I came home, cleaned my air filter, loaded up this morning and went to Jawbone Canyon. Moist sand/soil, good weather and all day to take advantage of it. I couldn't wait. I started my 426 (2nd kick) and let it sit for a moment, then I took it up a small hill nearby. My intention was to warm it up a bit and then check the oil. (Which should have been fine.) At the top of the hill, my bike stalled. When I tried to start it I found that it would start, but not idle. I coasted down the hill and went to work trying to figure out the problem. It is not completely siezed, but there is more friction while kicking through the stroke than there should be. Enough to keep the bike from running. We loaded up and drove home completely bummed and remembering how at 12 years old, my cr5 inspired more confidence than this new paragon of technology and by all accounts but mine, reliability. Any ideas on what to look for, and has anyone cold siezed their bike? Could this be anything else? I should add that in September I replaced the piston with a wiesco standard replacement. I thought it would be smart preventative maintenance. Maybe I was wrong. I was never able to properly check the oil, but I did loosen the oil galley bolt on the head and while kicking the motor over it did weep some oil. I have no reason to think that it was starved for oil, and the coolant level was good. Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

Bueler?... Bueler?... Anyone???

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