stator upgrade or wr replacement?

hay guys, I have been trailing the blogs for some time reading in on some topics about yz stators and have some ideas. I would like to swap a wr stator into my yz and from what I can tell, it should work as far as fitting the parts under the oem cover. I don't need the starter, so my problem is just sorting out the wiring. the pulse coil is a no brainer but the yz has four wires. two for an exciter and the other two not so sure about. I thought about starting up the bike to take some volt readings but haven't had time. if I can i would run the power from a bat. to the cdi box, depending on cdi requirements.. any help would be great

                                                             james :banghead:

What size is your YZ?


First, you're in the wrong forum, so I'll move the post.


You're a little tight with your information about your bike, but here's the deal.  If you have an '06-'09, and you have $1200 or so to spend, and can do your own work, you can install the stator and flywheel for a price:


If you have an '03-'05 YZ450, it's pretty much the same problem, but you also have to buy a set of '03-'06 WR450 crankcases to go with it.

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