Starting Drill

Ok, So I ride a WR426F and my dad rides a 650R. Maybe I can't figure it out, but my starting drill seems really easy compared to his. How do I start that BRP? What drill does everyone use? Thanks.

It used to be a MAJOR pain for me to start my BRP... I was told my main problem was leaving the fuel in the carb for an extended period of time after my last ride... :)

All I do now is.. hold the compression release, kick the starter about 10-15 times (priming), find compression stroke (TDC), and it starts first time ALMOST every time. Ive got less than 125 miles on my bike, maybe this is why.

Brett :D

FlyByWire has the right direction. I prime mine with the choke on full about 8-10 times. Then move choke to 1/2 and kick. It will start first kick about 90% of the time, second kick the other 10%. DO NOT touch the throttle until it is running. As soon sa it is running move choke to off. Ride off and enjoy the day. If it is hard to start, raise the idle a little. Give it a try.


Really, I have to kick it 8-10 times before it will even consider starting? Makes my 1-2 kicks on the 426 seem like childsplay. What about the compression release? Ignore it?

Here's what I do, and mine has never been hard to start, no more than 3 kicks cold, and one or two kicks warm.

Hold in the compression release, and push it through a few times. Release the lever, and push through slowly until it comes up on compression. Pull in the compression release, let go, then push down the starter about 1/3 down. Release the starter lever all the way back up, then KICK. Bike should start.

This is the same exact procedure I used on my YZ426, and it works every time. I've never had any luck with the automatic compression release on the XR. . That "just kick it over" thing just never works right for me. So I've always used the typical 4-stroke drill mentioned above, and it has worked on any 4-stroke I've ridden, including the old '83 DR500. Same drill.

You probably already did, but if not-Make sure you have it jetted correctly for your altitude. Reno must be fairly high up.

When cold choke on full, kick 8 to 10 times while holding compression release in, then immediatly release compression release and kick straight through, this needs to be done very very fast utilizing the momentum of the stroke from when you were holding the compression release in. Two very quick kicks first one with the CR lever in. Starts super easy used this same routine on my junky01yzf426 :D and my junky 01wr250f :) pot of gold 2001xr650r :D works super!!!

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