Making a 426 into a 450?

I was thinkin about how the 426 and 450 have the same bore and the 450 has a longer stroke. So would it be possible to put a couple 450 parts into a 426 to make the stroke the same as the 450 or is something like that a stupid idea?

If it works, let me know. Hopefully, it will only require the rod and crank! You may want to get a few extra woodruff keys! :)

Put in the Powroll 2mm stroker crank and a 2mm larger piston. Should be cheaper and easier.

The 450 motor is physically quite a bit smaller than the 426. I would be surprised if the rod length and deck height would be correct for a 426 top end. I'm pretty sure the 450 cylinder will not bolt up to the 426 cases.

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