WR400 exhaust?

Hi guys ive had a 99 wr400 for a bit over a year now and i just wanted to know what exhaust it has on it. havent got any direct photos but if i cant get an answer within the week i should be able to get a photo (i dont keep my bike at home) these photos are the best i can find. i think i have seen this exhaust on another wr/yz but it was alot longer than mine.
Thanks, Dale.     EDITED!!!!!






Edited by DaleRidesAll

I'm gonna guess stock head pipe with heat shield removed and an older Lexx slip-on.

im yeah the header is stock i know that, but as for lexx slip on ill have a look at it

okay i cant find anything on lexx but! i am pretty sure it is the exhaust off yz 450 2002-2003 but 1/2-3/4 of the length and when i repacked my muffler the baffle (i think thats what that part is called) was cut and re-welded to make it shorter.. have a look for yourself, I dont know how to post photos on a reply -.-

just edited the main post with the photos

Whoa! Well it was definitely the stock head pipe...

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