2 WR 250F's in Paris-Dakar

There are 2 WR 250F's competing in this years Paris-Dakar.

Start #83, Ramon for Belgum (83 overall)

Start #108, Kazama form Japan (166 overall)

Would you ride your WRF/YZF for 68677 miles over a period of 17 days? Man those guys are hardcore!

Jurgen, I think you screwed up the distance, more than 67000 miles? That would be twice around the world?

The Belgian guy has a website: www.ramon.be

I saw him at a enduro last year, the bike looks pretty cool with the fairing and stuff.

from the press kit on the www.dakar.com website, the total distance is 11,163.5 KM, or approximately 6,980 miles. as an aside, there are 17 riding days -- which gives an average of roughly 410 miles per day. and here i thought that the "six days of michigan" was (quite literally) a pain-in-the-a$$...

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

from http://www.dakar.com/2004/us/index.html

Endurance and vigilance!

For the past 25 years, the Dakar, the doyen of all motor car rallies, opens the international sporting calendar each year in January.

The 2004 Dakar rally will be a tremendous test in the true tradition of the event, promising to be one of the most demanding rallies of the past ten years. The amount of hurdles to be overcome combined with the length of the stages leaves no doubt whatsoever that those who manage to reach Dakar will be outstanding drivers, capable of overcoming exhaustion, the vagaries of the landscape and the secrets of navigation – men and women whose endurance, perseverance and passion for the race are second to none. Dakar, and the shores of the Lac Rose lake are like the Holy Grail, arousing incredible resolve in every participant to reach the end of the journey!

Last, but not least, the return of the Dakar rally to central Africa calls for increased vigilance on the part of all drivers, especially when passing through populated areas, where they will have to observe a strict speed limit of 50 kph in Morocco and 30 kph in other African countries. This speed will be measured automatically by a radar incorporated into the GPS system provided to all competitors. They will therefore have to alternate speed in unpopulated areas with the slowest progress in populated zones. That is the rule, and the paradox, of the Dakar rally. As the Latin proverb goes: “hurry, but pace yourself”.

Checks and start

Grande Halle d’Auvergne (near Clermont-Ferrand):

Administrative and technical checks: Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st December 2003.

Big start: Thursday 1st January 2004.

Closed area: from 30th December 2003 to 1st January 2004.

Located outside, within the perimeter of the Grande Halle d’Auvergne.

Prologue: 1st January 2004.

After the podium start, the competitors will drive off down two parallel tracks built specially for the event, within the perimeter of the Grande Halle.

Entry fee: 20 € (free for under - 16)

The flavour of the 2004 edition

17 stages:

• Europe: 3 stages

• Morocco: 4 stages

• Mauritania: 6 stages

• Mali: 2 stages

• Burkina Faso: 1 stage

• Senegal: 1 stage

Total: 11 163,5 km

• 5 428,5 km of specials

• 5 735 km of liaisons

In Africa:

• 9 339 km, of which 5 393 are specials

• 8 798 km of parallel route for the back-up vehicles

• 1 stage partiallythe same for competitors and assistance (Tan-Tan > Atar)

• 2 Marathon stages: Atar > Tidjikja et Ayoûn El Atroûs > Tidjikja

• 2 stages without GPS: Nema > Mopti et Nouakchott > Dakar

• the longest stage: Tan-Tan > Atar (1 055 km)

• the shortest stage: Dakar > Dakar (106 km)

• the longest special: Tidjikja > Nema (736 km)

• the shortest special: Dakar > Dakar (27 km)

I wasn't paying attention to the Paridakar until yesterday when my friend clued me into the fact that the 2 wheel drive Yamaha was doing well in the early stages. Go Yamaha!

Jurgen, I think you screwed up the distance, more than 67000 miles? That would be twice around the world?

oops :D Think I threw in an extra number somewhere in my converter program, when converting from km...

It's a long way anyway.... :)

There are three XT 225 Yamaha's and one KTM 125 EXC :)

I wonder if that is on one piston and rings? :D

Great durability test. :D

The guy on the 125, is Barberzant. He was born in 1946 and rides a KTM 125EXC. The guy is insane!

The guy is insane!

not to disagree with you, but anyone who is up for riding 11,163.5 KM [~6,980 miles] in just over two weeks is insane. so you could say that, as a group, all of the Dakar riders should be institutionalized.


jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f


just want to say that it looks the wrf250 of n°83 jeroen ramon is going to win the -250cc class in dakar.

for pictures, visit his website, click on "live nieuws"



David Fretigne from France is curently in 15th pos overall

on a 2 wheel drive WR-450.Not bad :)

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