Bash Plate for '13 WR450?

I looked for TT's bash plate, which I like on a DRZ, and I do not see one in the parts store for the WR450F model.


I do not want a carbon fiber.  I bash mine pretty hard on occasion, and I'll wreck a carbon fiber plate quickly.


Aluminum I can take a sledge hammer to, and straighten by beating on it, which is just compense for me beating up my cycle.


So, an aluminum plate would be best, with good coverage of the oil and water pumps (which I've wrecked by bashing through plates before).


Any recommendations, please?



After looking at part of what is out there I settled for Works Connection. It has as good of coverage as any that I saw out there. There are others that look like they have the same or better coverage but didn't have one for the 2012 or 2013 WR450. It installed easily using the stock mounting holes. They wrap up covering the clutch side good. I would have liked the ignition side to come up higher but it covers from forward coming impacts. If you fall over to one side or the other a rock could get to either case cover. Over all a good quality product.


I raced harescrambles with this one in Nevada for a couple of years on an '07WR - very rocky, nasty terriroty.  The Flatland Racing plate is pretty stout aluminum that has endured very well over time.  It's less expensive than most other brands and you can change your oil easily without removing it by simply cutting up a used milk jug.  To reduce vibration/noise, I cut small pieces of bicycle inner tube to insert between the frame and plate.  Check out the pic on Flatland's website, the plate has guards that extend up on both sides to protect the pumps (which I duly tested several times in Nevada).  It's excellent and well worth the $.

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