i just leased a track

i have just taken over the lease on the old MX58 facility. you have got to check out there amenities:

2atv tracks, atv trails, 1.2mile mxtrack. 40 bike concrete gate, tower, water truck, tractors, log cabin rentals on site RV, hookups, we're starting on our pavillion next week and will be hosting the NC bluegrass festival in april. we have a sand drag strip. there is a bath house for the cabind (they also have heat and air) a kids plagroung is being built as well. We butt against the white oak river and have a kayack luanching site.

almost forgot, if you have been to 58 before, it has had some dramatic changes, and is being tweaked weekly.

here's our link:


That's too cool!!!

Let me guess...some huge jumps must be on the way! :)

not as big as i would like. we are making it fun AND friendly. This is the track that Darryl Bell was affiliated with that i told you about a few years ago.

I know where I'll be this summer with camper and bikes in tow. That's so cool that someone put a nice campground and riding area together!

Will there be riding for casual riders like myself (ie trails, or easy track use on FULL-size (660cc) bikes? Or is that limited to less than 80cc bikes, and ATVs only?

I'm not into riding mx-style tracks as much as trail/cc-style riding, and want to know if I'd be allowed to ride my bike there, assuming I'm not there to practice my double/triple jumps?

I just got around to looking at the site...WOW!! I can't wait to get up there.

Now to spread the word... :)

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