98 400 Rear Brake Caliper Question

Hey TT, quick question. My rear brake seemed loose so I took it apart and wanted to make sure I wasnt missing something. I noticed that the mounting bracket has a stud that inserts into the Caliper body and that is where the wiggle is coming from. I would assume some wiggle is ok but again it seems excessive.


Question: In looking at the schematic and manual I only see what is called a "friction boot" but the pic is limited. Does the friction boot go into the hole in the caliper body to provide cushion or is it just the "o" ring type on the outside and the connection should be metal on metal - as shown in the pic below? Thanks!



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Anyone?  :huh:


I did ask local Yamaha shop and they had no idea and no part for the friction boots. I also see some rear caliper rebuild kits and I don't see anything rubber that looks like it will fit inside the mounting location so maybe that's my answer and I'll live with it loose. But would like to confirm if anyone has the answer. Thanks

Looks right, the left one is pretty much a dust cap. How much play do you have?

Thanks jojo. Play may be around 1/2 inch or so. Is that about how much you have?


I got back from a ride and my neighbor pointed it out to me. I never notice an issue when braking but when I moved it with my hand it just seemed loose. Only thing I had to compare it to is my son's yz125 and that caliper just barely moved. My brake pads are also worn uneven still thick on one half (of each pad) and thin on the other half. It looks like my pins need replacing as they have worn out groves in them as well.

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