Rode with a CR 450

Recently I rode all day with a 450. We are both AA riders. Keeping in mind all the negative press the 426 is getting - I smoked the 450 on a straight stretch of wet dirt road. The night before I rode, I re-sealed the stator on my 426. (yes it is street legal with a real license plate.) It laid on its side for about 8 hours. Rode in the back of my truck in 20-30 degree weather. Started first kick, with snow on the ground. I did not ride the 450. However, he could corner a touch better; when the power came on, the 426 could not be touched by the 450. Go riding in real life and you'll find that the magazine guys sometimes pimp the "new & improved."

One final sidenote: An ISDE rider on a KTM 125 SX was a match for the Cr 450, even in a drag race.

My 426 will not be sold off for a 450!!!

you must have an awful good running 426,ive run 3 different 426,s and found quite different results than you post here.

If a 125 was a match for the 450 in a drag race then it must not have been running right (or the 450 rider was 300#+ and the 125 rider was like 60#). I have not found a 125 that I cannot walk away from when on the gas on my 426 and though I haven't yet ridden the 450 from what I've seen at the local track they seem to be basically equal in overall power to the 426. I'm not doubting your story, I'm just wondering if that 450 was running at 100%.

LOL ..

my buddy raptor bought my 426... we have ran the bikes threw the gears prob 20 times & its so close not even funny.. He is a fast Int , me a run of the mill novice rider .. A drag race till 5th on rev limiter & both bikes within 3 ft of each other... But on the track i cant touch him...So its the old 80% rider 20% bike deal..

my 426 was a great, reliable bike. However i must say i am real happy with my honda.

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Yea,what he said !!

I agree with LOOPOUT on the 80% rider 20% bike.

I'm not impressed with the cr450, like I am with my YZ426, my pop tought me how to ride on a Yamaha, thats all Ive ever owned and all I ever will.

Hell, You had to know honda would put out a decent bike.

Best defense, If you got the balls, make it a point to blow the doors off anyone asking for it.

As the saying goes "actions speak louder than words"

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