03 Carb Mods

I did the following in this order: One at a time!

* The Rapture Airbox mod. What a big difference it made much better response.

* JD Jetting Kit. (red needle and 178 main) This is the single best mod I think you can do. It really cleaned up everywhere and it did wonders to the bottom.

*Power Now. All this thing did was to help starting. Maybe a little to the bottom response.

* Oversize accelerator pump cover. This did noting to the 03 I do not recommend spending the dough.

Overall: Spend some time and cut your airbox, remove the backfire screen, remove the side cover vents and install the JD jetting kit. Forget about everything else. I race and trail ride the Kommunistfornia high desert. The elevation ranges from about 2000-4000' the temps when I rode where about 45-65 degrees. At the lower temps the blue needle is the ticket!!

I have power now mod on my wr426 and I think it killed a little my top half rpm power... You did not noticed any problems with second half trottle?

No I didn't feel a change in the top end!

The 02 needed low end the power now helped that the JD needle was the best help of all the P38 acel. cover helped also.

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