250 4-Stroke Crisis!!

I am coming off a 2003 RM125 and moving to the 4-stoke bandwagon. I borrowed a 2002 YZ250f which I loved so much that I am moving to the 4 stroke. I have been reading up on them but i am still not sure on what to get. I ride mostly motocross and the occasional hare scramble or enduro. If anyone has any feedback i would really appreciate it.

Any of them. Try to ride a CRF, and an RMZ and make a decision based on what fits your style. Guys here will say buy the CR. I would lean towards yhe Yamaha or Honda myself, as the RMZ seems to be having more issues? Just an observation.

I've ridden the Yamaha and the Honda.

The YZ "flamed out" all the time on the trail. Couldn't wait to get off it!

The CRF's suspension is VERY HARSH. Engine is great!

Only looked at an RM, but it kinda looked like a toy(bad first impression ??)

The YZ has been out for a few years and has an excellent record for reliability.

I couldn't resist the CRF for the light feel and not having a Honda for a few years.

Dude i know its your opinion but the crf's suspention is plush does not bottom easy it is the best of the four.I know i an bias but the crf is the best. :)

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