countershaft seal

This may sounds like a stupid question. Does Honda call the part under the countersaft sprocket the oil seal? It is the part you can actually see when you have the sprocket off. I put new sprockets on last night and mine was damaged. When I ordered it I ordered the oil seal but after looking at the diagram I'm not sure I ordered the correct part. Thanks...

Looks like it's #32. Which is called an o-ring.

part# 91201-ML3-873


I'll just get on the phone and tell them to send both parts. Whats $2 more to make sure I have the right part.

If its like my CR, 32 is the "d" ring / o-ring and 33 is the actual seal. My seal actually wore a groove in the collar, seal was fine, just had to replace the collar, but did both anyway.

Both #32 & #33 seal the countershaft.

#33 is the one you can physically see and it seals the collar #3 on the outside of it and #32 seals the inside of #3 collar.

And yes I'd replace both of them to make sure, sometimes the #3 collar can get worn(grooved) bad enough and need to be replaced also.


I think I misunderstood what he was saying. When I changed mine I replaced the collar, o-ring and seal.

I assumed since he ordered the oil seal he was talking about the o-ring.

Now I'm not so sure. :)

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