98' WR400 Newb

Hey guys and girls! Names Carl, I live in Woking, UK.


Just purchased a WR400 from a good mate of mine after my GSXR750 died on me due to an electrical fault. I desperately needed another bike and as I was going to be buying the bike in the future anyway. I thought why not bring it forward and buy it asap!


So it's currently on 39k miles, 1998 WR400.


DEP rear silencer

EXCEL Rims/Talon Hubs


It's alot of fun, compared to the Gixxer anyway.







I have a few videos too, I'll upload them to YouTube and post them.


Also, I couldn't find a NEWBIE section, so I dunno where this post belongs. I'm sorry if I offend anyone with posting this here and hope admin/ a mod can put this in the correct section.


Thanks, Carl :)


2 completely different kinds of bikes.   Plated WRs are popular here, second to KTMs.  

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