Update: a christmas story

I want to thank each and every one of you who chimed in to wish me and my wife good luck, etc., in regards to the original thread I posted a couple weeks back. I also want to thank the TT administrators for allowing that off-topic thread to remain in the DRZ forum. That meant a lot to me.

For those who haven't read the original thread and might want to know what I'm talking about; http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showflat.php?Cat=0&Board=UBB12&Number=830429&Forum=UBB12&Words=a%20christmas%20story&Match=Entire%20Phrase&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Old=allposts&Main=830425&Search=true#Post830429

It looks like what's going on with Joanie is that she has developed Multiple Sclerosis. MS is a disease where the protective sheath that envelopes the neurons [nerve cells] delaminates, which interferes with the transmission of the signal traveling along that nerve path. Given the vast amount of neurons in the body and the importance of their function, this disease can be mild, or it can be devastating. Usually when it comes to a person later in life, it's in a form that is "manageable". Big influences in controlling the disease are reducing stress, and a good diet. Stress is a big part of my wifes life; our challenge will be to find a way to reduce it. At least now we know what's going on with her, and we can "take charge" of the path toward learning to live with the disease. It still wrecks her when she has time alone to sit and dwell on it, and I feel helpless at those times, but...

...Life goes on, and it's brought us closer together, and it's nice to still have her around.

Thanks for listening, and for your support.


Our prayers are with you.

Its good to hear you are still in good spirits, and you are correct, she still has her life - and you and her still share your love for each other, and that is something so much more than alot of people ever have. At least knowing whats going on gives a good direction of what to do to make things better. My thoughts are with you two - I hope everything works out :)

We'll keep both of you in our thoughts & prayers. I have ridden the MS 150 Bicycle ride a couple of times, it was a good cause. As a fellow competitive cyclist/athlete I sympathize with Joanie.

My family and I will keep you and your wife in our prayers.

I feel for you.

My best friend's wife was diagnosed with MS a couple of years ago. Although Docs don't know everything about the disease.... they have helped her tons. She is able to lead a pretty normal life and gets along great.

Keeping both of your spirit up makes all the difference IMO.

Good luck !!

Best of wishes to both of you.

I hope the case is mild and managable, our thoughts and prayers to your wife and you Renny!! :)

Renegade; this is too strange. My wife was also diagnosed with MS on December 10th; She was also experiencing symptons similar to your wife but my wife has had them off and on for a couple of years. At first they thought it was an infection of the inner ear or sinus area and other things but then when she finally went in for an MRI, they could see the telltale signs of built up scarring around some brain tissue (I forgot all the terminology and specifics) which I guess is a sure sign of MS.

With your approval, I will ask our church prayer team to pray for you, your wife and your family. We believe in the power of prayer and the blessings God can and will provide to those that earnestly seek him and trust in his goodness.

We have seen his goodness already in our lives since we were told by her doctor earlier that the symptons could have been from a brain tumor so we were actually a bit thankful that it was MS; which although can be a very bad illness, at least it is not terminal. There is also a verse in the bible that talks about how sometimes God allows suffering in our lives so that we can use that experience to help others.

Let me know if I can help in any way; even if you want someone to talk to or maybe your wife; sometimes sharing something like this with a stranger can be a help.

P.S. I thought about just PM'ing you with this; we've kept our own experience with this pretty private but after seeing the responses to your own situation; I think it may be helpful to others who may read about your struggles and ours and may be facing a similar situation.

Peace and God Bless.

newmanr19, thank you for your thoughts and prayers, they are quite welcome. My intentions behind sharing this event with my extended family here at TT was to [1] raise some awareness of the symptoms of MS and [2] share what my feelings were/are at the time; that I felt blessed to have her still in my life, that she wasn't diagnosed with some debilitating, fatal disease.

It's good to have a place like this where in one thread a person can share something like this with others, and in the next thread enjoy a little leavity at someone else's expense :). We ARE much more than a bunch of throttle twisting savages [ well, most of us are] :D

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