Any MRANN racers here?

Im racing the MRANN circuit this year with Moredesert. Just wondering if any other TTers out there plan on racing MRANN as well.


I racing and so is Keith S.

Are you guys into desert racing. The D-36 hare scramble series looks pretty good this year. I have a good friend who races Mrann but he lives in Minden,Nevada. Keep us posted on the race schedule I would like to hook up and race the DEZ a couple of times this year.


Howard, I am riding(not a race) Moonrocks or Pine Nuts this weekend 1-18. If you are interested let me know. I ride out there pretty often from Nov through May. Shoot me a PM sometime if you want to ride.

Cisco,How was the Dez? I raced Prairy City on the 18th. Conditions were perfect. The Hangtown track was rutted up real bad as always. Today I rest :)


The Dez didnt happen. couldnt round up a prtner until last minute. So I decided to monkey with the bike at mammoth bar and take the kid riding. BAD MISTAKE. There wer 400 riders down there...400!!!!!!!!! Un freakin believable. We went home and rode around my property :)

This Saturday is moonrocks, we have 5 bikes going so far. You coming?

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