'03 seems easier to ride than my '04

Some may think I'm crazy (fast guys mostly), but I seem to feel a little more comfortable on the '03. All in all I like my '04 better, but... I just rode them back to back again last week and the things that stood out were:

1. Front end felt easier to control (while trying to wheelie over square edge bumps).

2. '04 seems to have more wheel spin (new tire on 04 and clapped out tire on 03).

3. '03 wound out quicker in 3rd gear, but could carry 3rd into turns that '04 required 2nd into turn and quick shift while exiting.

4. '04 has a harsher hit than the '03. Felt like I could ride longer on the '03.

'04 is bone stock except twinwalls and '03 has Yosh pipe, Tag triple clamps/bars, heavier springs front and rear (I'm 220lbs). Stock gearing on both bikes.

I'm going to test 49 and 50 tooth sprocket, then see if I feel a flywheel weight is needed.

Any input?

Try using the same gearing as your 03 and try it.

The '04 definitely hits harder off the bottom. As far as wheel spin goes, I had the opposite feeling from mine. It wanted to hook up better than the front, and push a little.Now that the rear is worn, it spins up the way I like it. I put a 49t on the rear, and it works where I ride (tighter tracks).If you don't like the hit, adding teeth to the back might make it worse, you'll have to see..

If you have a problem with your forks, try to dial it out. If you can't, have it revalved. just make sure you tell them what problems you want solved.

It's all personal preference.

If you don't like the hit, adding teeth to the back might make it worse, you'll have to see..

It could, but when you change the gearing you might be running a gear higher than before which may be a smoother hit.

I know going to a 52 in the woods helped big time. it seemed to hit much harder with the 50.

Gonna point out the obvious here:

"1. Front end felt easier to control (while trying to wheelie over square edge bumps)."

"..Felt like I could ride longer on the '03."

If you weigh 220lbs then I'd have to say the main issue/difference was due to suspension setup!!

I weigh about 210 and I know adding stiffer springs was a big factor in eliminating handling quirks.

I like the harder hit, I just want to figure out how to adapt to it. I've put a bit of time on 2 different '03's. 1 with heavier springs and 1 without. Neither one my bikes. I came off a '01 cr250. I even raced the stock '03 once, while waiting for mine to come in last summer. Terrific Buddy!

I do need heavier springs (rear also). Just wanted to get some seat time to decide what I felt I needed "fixed". I got the bike end of July, but broken collarbone, 8 ribs, lung and chest tube injury in September has delayed my "testing" of the bike. Stock '04 suspension does feel very good! The '03 with just heavier springs feels very good to me. Of course this will effect stamina (along with the extra 20+ lbs).

What I'm refering to in the front end comment is the '03 power seems more controlable to me when lifting the front wheel as needed (even on the stock '03).

49/50T rear should allow me to carry a gear higher into turns (from 2nd to 3rd for most of the tracks we ride). Right now, seems to be between gears alot for me.

A lot of good input on the '04 gearing post also.

interesting post! any other opinions? anyone liked their '03 better than their '04?

:) I'm satisfied with my 02!!! HMMMM, if some like the 03 more then 04 does that mean there might be some out there that like the 02 more then the 03 AND 4?

Seems as each year goes by the CRF is getting more of a HIT in the power band possibly. Could it be the 02 is the easiest to ride the longest? Might not be the best motor for all circumstances but as far as a loooong moto goes (outside natural terrian track) could the 02 be KING??

:D I'm just trying to make myself feel better because I'm keeping my 02 (# 1863 - 1st batch) for a long, long time.

Hey Huffa whats up,Even though i got an 04-250 ,i still love my 02-450 .Just put all new plastics,graphics,fmf ti exhaust,seat cover,carbon frame guards. Gotta make my baby look good for spring.As soon as it gets a little warmer right now it is 4degrees Holy snot batman, :lol:i will get in touch so we can go ride somewhere.

Sounds good to me :). To the Rocket ?? March or April, if weather permitting. Will be here before you know it.

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