What to do? One new Green & one old Blue

Well, the blue steed has served me well but an offer of sponshership swayed me to green. Limited time on the bike due to snow (most riding has been in the snow and it was great fun) but she rips. The weight and lightness of feel of the Kawi is great compared to my 01. I ride woods only (the mountains in the background of the photo are full of hundreds of miles of single tract and I get to them right from my door of my house). The Kawi is better set up out of the box for woods riding in my opinion due to the engine performance. Overall, really want to keep my Yamaha so am going to look into lowering it for my wife (she thinks she wants a CRF150, ugg) and will check the search index here for info.

Hopefully my boys will be into biking in a couple of years to. (2 yrs old on Yamaha and 3 1/2 on the Kawi)

Let me know if the photo post works as this is my first time doing it.

BTW, I am so lucky to have my wife supporting me on my recreational endevers. It is/was her that has been encouraging me to ride. Also, I would like to thank my sponsor, Leading Edge Motorsports here in Kamloops, BC Canada. :):D



Nice photo's! They work fine!

Maniac :)

:shocked:either thay make the bikes huge in Canada or the riders are tiny! which is it? :):D

Had to include the photo of the boys. The love the tank riding with me (helmeted of course). Can't wait till they can come out with me. Talked to a fellow today to look at lowering the YZF for my wife so looks like I can keep two bikes for a bit longer. Gonna get some spikes and go riding later this month. Unfortionately, we are expecting a foot of snow (this year it is truly looking like the Great White North) and temps are at -30 C. Anyhow, due to potential wife bike I will still get to roam the blue forum.

:):D Ah, beer and the Canadian "flag". They kind of go together eh! :D

Congrats Kent, on the sponsor, and sweet talking the wife. Looking forward of chewing up dirt with you this summer! Andrew.

Happy New Year Kent,


Wow the new bike looks great! Congrats on the sponsorship.

I'm looking forward to getting together for some rides this spring.


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