How to rig a left-hand-lever operated rear brake?

Hey folks,

The idea of tight trail riding with an auto clutch (on my XR250) appeals to me.

And I can also appreciate having a left-hand-lever operated rear brake (say, when stopped on a hill with both feet on the ground. Or when bull-dogging-it down a steep hill). Heck, since my right foot isn't very precise, I might even ditch the rear foot pedal altogether and go exclusively with a hand lever (in place of the clutch).

To that end, how could one best do that? What would be some of the design concerns? Would it be best to use, say, a Magura hydraulic clutch, and mechanically connect its cable output to the OEM rear master cyclinder? Or would it be best to go hydraulic all the way (if possible)? I could foresee the need to match the master and slave volumes in that case.

How do the XR400 (Revloc, EFM (?) Billet, Rekluse) guys do it?

Any and all thoughts/ideas/etc. will be appreciated.

FYI, Rekluse is (hopefully) nearing completion of a Z-START for the XR250.



Revloc recently listed kits for KTM's, CRF450's and DRZ/KLX400's on their website for $169.00, but no details or pictures included.

Would be interesting to see what they use for the master cylinder for those that want to keep the option of the original clutch lever with their auto clutch.

That would be the hardest part to come up with on your own (without seeing how the auto clutch manufacturers do it), and the rest would be a brake/hydraulic clutch line long enough to reach the connection at the foot operated master cylinder with the right sized banjo bolt, and a longer bolt of the right dia. for the double banjos as found on street bike dual front brake systems.

Any Revloc or other auto clutch owners out there that can post pics of their left-hand lever operated rear brake setup?


Dale,have you thought about using a clutch master cylinder,perch etc.and having a briaded steel brake line fabricated at Texas Rubber to meet your rear slave cylinder?Just a thought.

that revloc deal is cable actuated. me and a friend have thought about this before. you have a few options to hook a cable up to the rear brake lever but they aren't really that good.

it's real easy if you have a drum brake, you just clamp a clutch cable to the brake arm, i have done this before and it works.

they do have these products in the Road Racing world mic doohan used one, i haven't seen them but the gist is that you get a custom 4 piston caliper for the rear, add another master cylinder and lever to your bars, run one line to one piston, the other line to the other piston, voila, factory!

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