New Proud Owner 2002 YZ 426!

I have been out of the riding world for a few years now and really wanted to get back into it. My first bike (18yrs ago) was an 88 YZ125 fully raced out and really fast for a beginner’s bike, however once I learned how to ride I rode this bike into the ground.  I then wanted to upgrade so I bought a brand new 2002 KDX 200 and rode that until 2011 when I sold it.  I remember looking at these YZ 426’s back in 2002 when I bought my KDX but it was like $2k more than I paid for the KDX.  The KDX worked great and I really enjoyed it, but I wasn’t riding it much at all so I sold it and have been missing it every day.


I love this new (to me) bike, it flat out rips! I ride mostly woods so I did order a heavier flywheel and 13 tooth sprocket for it.  Anyway sorry for the long post, just excited and cannot wait until spring!





Cool. Sounds like me. I haven't "ridden" in about 12-12 years either. Last bike was a 1996 CR500. I think the 426 is equal, but handles much better. I bought mine in November so I have only ridden it once. Man, my arms and hands were pumped and tired! She rips!


Good luck and have fun!

same here, I only rode this bike once and I was all sore in areas that reminded me of my learning years.

Oh yeah - forgot to mention, this bike starts on the 1st or 2nd kick all of the time even in the cold.  The PO really took care of it.

Take care of it and it will never give you a problem. My 2002 has been an all around great bike! She sure is hard on tires tho!  :smirk:

i just picked up myself. im the third owner and my brother in law was the second. he couldnt ride slow enough for his kids to keep up so he parked it. it super clean and low low hours. still has stock bars un scratched. onna change that real soon!

The bars, or the scratches? 


Unless you're about 5'6", you'll like a taller set of bars better.

Piggy-backing in... Just got a 2002 as well. Giving it a going-over before the season starts.

I too had a bike in my early 20s, but being an early 80s Kawasaki, it lasted only one season.

2 years ago I found a DT200, got that all sorted out, had a lot of fun, got the wife a TW200. What a great little bike. Got me thinking a 4 stroke might be a good way to go.

I then decided I needed a "new" bike that would challenge me, as well as being a motivator to get into some sort of shape after my "cardiac event"...

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