2000 YZ426F upgrade questions

Hey guys, I am slowly learning more and more about my bike and I have a few questions. This bike is mainly for trails and every once in a while I will take it on tracks. Currently it has a GP steering stabilizer, FMF full exhaust, enduro tank and wheels and WR gears. I have heard and read a lot about people changing the flywheel to a heavier one for trail riding. Does anyone know of some good brands? Also what other changes should I make to make my bike best for trail riding? Thanks guys

Put a recluse in it. I have the same bike. If I didn't have the auto clutch I would have sold it and got something else i ride tight single track lots of stalling. Not anymore

I have a 12oz heavier flywheel for mine, its a Stelthy one - however I think I bought their last one.  If you can find a heavier one they do make a huge difference.  I also put a 13 tooth counter sproket and now the bike climbs great without low speed stalling.

I have a set of 3 flywheel weights that would fit your bike...They are 6oz,8oz and 10oz I believe, brand new made by Zip Ty racing and repackaged by MSR. They come with the hardware and instructions for install. PM me if interested and maybe we can work something out...





Sent you a pm Trent. Thanks guys for the info. Keep it coming, I currently am looking and debating on a sprocket and chain setup to replace mine with. 

Lower gearing, flywheel weight, set idle higher, make sure the clutch is adjusted so you can keep a couple fingers on the bar when you disengage it, or an EXP Rekluse, and don't let it stall hot on an off camber hillside.

That sums it up

One more irem, a decompression exhaust cam from HotCams.

Currently it has a GP steering stabilizer, FMF full exhaust, enduro tank and wheels and WR gears.


did you put WR426 gears into a YZ426? if so are the ratios better, lower first gear?

I also cannot find a steering stabilizer for my yz400f, where did u get urs?

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