Snow solutions

anybody ever try a paddle tire in the rear in the deep stuff? Besides sliding all over does it hook up in a straight line?

I was thinking of some sort of spiked paddle tire+ a single ski in the front. Yes I know you can just spike some knobbies, but try running that in a foot or more of snow.

everybody's to chicken to touch on this subject? boc boc boc :D:)

Is a straight line really the problem in the snow?

I always had trouble with the turning/stopping in the white fluffy stuff.

I think you'd be better with a mud tire.

There is a guy in the crf450 forum who ran a paddle a few days ago in the snow. Said it did ok till it got just to deep.

Ski do? Polaris? :)

i think the solution is save money, buy house.

my mind wanders into all sorts of experiments, all the time.

I have thought about the whole snow tire thing for the dirt bikes...but I one up'd it and found the real answer.

2004 rev800 :):D

Never tried a paddle tire.

I liked the idea of that sidewider bike conversion with the ski and track kit but looking on the site further its not available yet and no price shown yet either.

Cheapest solution i found to avoid the cabin fever is my old Polaris Indy-Trail snowmobile, had it for years, not top notch technology but still makes the snow fun, I also got a 340 Yamaha sled that is fun for messing about with, breaking trails after big snowstorms, its lighter to lift when it gets stuck :)

I just read through that sidwinder page....looks pretty cool to say the least...I bet it will cost more than 3000 for it though.

There is a reason sleds push 100+hp...I'm not sure I would want to put my drz engine through the abuse in the snow. But I would bolt one to someone elses bike for the day :)

dendrz: it does not matter what kind of sled you have...they are all fun IMO. I had to wait to pay off the drz before my wife would let me have another toy payment...I chose a new far I'm having a blast..but still wishing the snow would go away so I can get back on the trails. It's a catch 22 for me..I want snow for the sled and dirt for the bike...oh well..spring is right around the corner ..right? lol

Is it street legal? :)

LOL...if I knew where to get a track that small...I would make one of those myself.. hmmmmm...maybe a replacement track from a snowblower.

I might look into that...I have a few doner mini bikes in the barn.

The ski looks a bit iffy, i would replace that with a real one.

I found that site by accident, was looking for a pic of the old Yamaha Snoscoot (sp). Remember those?

They were 80cc and 125cc models with a kickstarter, a cross between bike and sled, fun on a back lot with snow moguls.

Ummmmmm, Gyro, they invented this thing called a snowmobile. Works great in a foot of snow, even better in 5. :D

Lay off the DRZ mods for a bit and save up for an older one, you won't regret it. (except the fact you'll become addicted to it and end up spending even more time and money on it than you do on the DRZ :))


Put the Deathwings from hell back on

Ya I probably will. But I'm going to replace all the bolts with higher grade/shorter bolts. This thing is going to rock the casbah. It really hooked up good last year the only problem I had was bending bolts from to much traction. That wont happen this year.

Is it against the rules to run studs in a tire for an ama offroad race? Like.. when there's no snow...

look at those meats hehe. Do you guys think i can get away with putting studs in my deathwings without a liner? or would they have to be cut so short they would fly out in order not to puncture the tube?

deffinitly won't be racing and the dw's are almost new

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