2012 WR450F ECU work with a 2013?

I bought a GYTR Comp ECU that's marked for use with a 2012 WR450F, marked as P/N 1DX702M3X2124B / 1DX-H59C0-V0-00.


I want to install it into a 2013 WR450, but I'm not sure I bought the correct ECU.


It arrived as an open package from Sun Sports (eBay), and it's also missing the throttle stop screw. (I'm pissed / annoyed).



Can anyone tell me if this unit will work correctly on a 2013 model?



Yeah, it will work.

That's good news.


I'm not made up about whether I should accept the part from an open package. If it does not function, I might be liable to have to keep it (no return allowed).


But, that's my problem, and I'm thankful for your help.


Since the package was open, and the "new" throttle stop screw was missing (to replace the as-delivered OEM stop screw), can you (anyone?) please tell me how long it should be, if I removed the OEM screw and cut it?


Thank You!

Confirmed, yes the indicated Comp ECU for a 2012 model does work in a 2013 WR450F.


I have some throttle stop screw data, too.


The OEM (long) stop screw is 31/32" long of thread length. It is also a T25 "Security" type screw, with the post in the middle of the T head.


The new throttle stop screw supplied with the Comp ECU is 10/32" long of thread length, and was supplied as a 10.9 hardness cap (allen head) screw.


My dog found it on the kitchen floor :)


I do not know the pitch, sorry.

when I removed the baffle out of my stock exhaust, I used one of the screws for my throttle stop.

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