Ride report(woods perspective)

Rode a CRF 250 2 weeks ago. This is from the perspective of a woods rider and the perspective of riding the bike IN THE WOODS.

Power: very respectable and much more than I expected. Keep in mind I'm riding a KTM 520 EXC ! Power is pretty smooth and usable.

Suspension: SUCKS!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too harsh for woods use. Keep in mind I'm 220 lbs and ride at a pretty quick pace in the woods( high B-Class Harescramble rider). I bet MX and SX riders will like the suspension !

Brakes: Good, but a little touchy....especially the rear brake. Rear brake felt "funny".

Starting: Easy as pie! No problems what-so-ever!!

Riding position: A little cramped for a 6' 1" rider.

Overall: Impressed !! Suspension can be tamed and riding position can be changed. Power is great. Magic button would make it a "sure buy".

Rear brake felt "funny".

Funny strange or funny haha?

Funny strange. Felt like the rear end was dragging an anchor when the rear brake was used.........if that makes any sense.

Brake could just be wearing in?

Don't get to excited about the suspension yet, mine was stiff for the first couple of rides then it reallllllly softened up! I'll have to do something to stiffen mine for MX but it would be pretty nice off road.

That could be. The bike was new. It was it's second ride. It(suspension) was horrible. It's owner is only about 5'3" and weighs about 150. He's a very fast A-Class rider, though. He always gets the suspension broken in and then sends it off.

I was impressed by the bike, overall.


You might want to air-bleed your forks and make sure all your clickers are set right. Maybe they were mis-adjusted somewhere? Possibly run them to full soft and work you way back to "too-harsh"....?

Just some thoughts! - rb

It isn't my bike. I rode a friend's bike. Read the replies.

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