CRF 250 ride report

I posted this in the CRF250 Forum but thought you guys might be interested.

Rode a CRF 250 2 weeks ago. This is from the perspective of a woods rider and the perspective of riding the bike IN THE WOODS.

Power: very respectable and much more than I expected. Keep in mind I'm riding a KTM 520 EXC ! Power is pretty smooth and usable.

Suspension: SUCKS!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too harsh for woods use. Keep in mind I'm 220 lbs and ride at a pretty quick pace in the woods( high B-Class Harescramble rider). I bet MX and SX riders will like the suspension !

Brakes: Good, but a little touchy....especially the rear brake. Rear brake felt "funny".

Starting: Easy as pie! No problems what-so-ever!!

Riding position: A little cramped for a 6' 1" rider.

Overall: Impressed !! Suspension can be tamed and riding position can be changed. Power is great. Magic button would make it a "sure buy".

Good report. :)

Hehe, dont you mean "A fast bike with a slow rider, is still a slow RIDER"? The bike is still fast... :)

was the suspension just too stiff for the woods? BTW, is the CRF250X going to have electric start??

Suspension was WAY stiff for woods use. I've ridden CR250's in the woods and felt very comfortable. This thing was rediculous.

I think the "X" has an e-start. This was a CRF250R.

Hehe, dont you mean "A fast bike with a slow rider, is still a slow RIDER"? The bike is still fast... :)

One too many bong hits :D The idea behind my signature is telling those that make their bike "faster" by hopping it up are wasting their time because it's the rider that makes it fast.

Hey Bill

I was eyeing one over this weekend. But Honda dealers want full price for those little gems. I think I will be going to green or a blue 2 smoke for MX racing and Harescrambles. I love to thump but the big 4 strokes are to much in the Eastern woods and the little thumpers are WAY over priced. :)

04 YZ250 :)

I really like the KX250 too, and you can't beat the 4.99% interest!! :D At thie point I am leaning towards the YZ250 though!!! I will of course keep the DRZ for dual sport and supermoto.

Now if I can just get my wife to talk to me again!!! :):D

Dr bill, maybe ya have to break in the suspension a little more before it feels good.

nice report! :)

Bill, you have ridden out here in the Rockies. How do you think these new 250 thumpers will do with the rocks and altitude?

Bill Z I saw a rider on one of those in the mountains and he was the sorriest looking S.O.B. I have ever seen. I lapped hin like he wasn't there and I'm crippled! Those are strictly motocross tools for super lightweights. I would want one for each foot for a serious ride. :D:):D prairiedawg :D

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