HELP!!! Who sells a linkage kit for a 96 XR-100?

My son has a 1996 XR-100, and I need to replace the shock linkage bushings. I cant seem to find anylistings for an XR-100. There are lots of listings for the CRF150 though. I searched Pivot Works site, but they don't have a listing. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Steve.

I think it is because you have to get them from the factory. Depending on which ones I think there are some aftermarket kits available, but I believe for the swingarm only (to replace the plastic) with brass. Hope this helps. You can buy factory parts at and they will ship it to your door. We use them every day at work with no problems.

I've been looking too and so far haven't found anything. They are expensive from Honda, and seem to wear out quickly.

If anyone has a source for aftermarket stuff, please let us know.


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