Dual sport rides

what does a dual sport ride consist of? ive never been to any organized motorcycle event of any kind but there is a club in my area that had d/s rides. i would kind of like to try it but don't know what to expect.

They are similar to enduros but without the racing/time element and usually a lot more fun since the focus is on the fun aspect rather then the competition aspect. Check out the Black Dog Dual Sport site; http://www.blackdogdualsport.com/

Thom and company put on two great dual sport rides (some say among the best in the country) and he has a great website too.

I totally agree with Tom's DS Rides. Awesome , but (A) tough!

Basically you usually have 2 choices- Ride the (:) fire road / 2 track route that any stock unmoddified dual sport bike can do, or ride the (A) single track route that only a dedicated armoured, geared and outfitted rider and modified dual sport can do

They are about 100 miles long with a lunch/gas stop midway and some have games for points or cards along the route with an awards ceremony at the end

The Northern Virginia Trail Riders have a great dual sport in the mountains of Virginia in early October called the Shennandoah 500. I'm interested in checking out some in other parts of the country. If TT'ers could publicize their local dual sports, I for one would certainly appreciate it.

and outfitted rider

I would have to add, "INSANE" in there too :)

Some of those A course trails are just a bit tough for my taste. I haven't ridden on em, but I have seen them and have heard from folks. He also usually has a "C" course for the families/beginners and/or the bigger adventure type bikes. And this year the Blackdog is going to have a sidecar course as well; which I think they will be sharing the "C" course. Should be a hoot to watch em.

Check out this site too. R.l. gives a good explanition of Dual Sport.

We have made the last two "Ozark Fall Color Tours", and intend to keep attending in the future!


RL puts on a great ride. i have also rode the last two and plan on making every other in the future. This years weather was OUTSTANDING, far cry from last years 32 degrees and rain, snow and sleet. Fall Colr Tour


single track route that only a dedicated armoured, geared and outfitted rider and modified dual sport can do

Sounds like fun to me. Bring it on. The DRZ may not be the greatest high speed cross country bike, but she sure works in the nasty sections :)

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