2.5 or 3WT fork oil, anybody tried this??


before going for a revalve or gold valve swap I'm thinking to try a lighter oil than the recommended 5WT on my stock forks.(2000 YZ426)

Anybody tried this?

They're too harsh on small rocks and ruts (too mucho front end deflection) so I get some click out on compression damping. It's a little bit better but now they're too easy to bottom on flat landing.

I rarely do mx, but trail riding and some H&S and playing in sand pit...so some jumps are on the program...ohh..i'm 195lbs without gear

Am I right? lighter oil will help in high speed compression even if I have to crank up low speed compression adjuster to compensate lighter oil...

Tuner, I'd look with attention the motoman suspension thread, do you think it's a good idea to put gold valve up front without doing the rear shock too. (I'm happy with it now)


Dan (dual-sported YZ-426F)


I had my forks re-valved by Pro-Action. They used their triple stage valving, w/ lighter springs.

The forks were so brutaly stiff off the top, I put in PJ-1 2.5# (min lvl) after playing w/ the compression adjusters. I had to raise comp damping to prevent bottoming and blowing thru the midstroke. I lost any suppleness off the top. I yanked the light springs and put the OEM's back in. I went lighter on C.D. but was still blowing through mid-stroke. I have raised the oil lvl, which has helped, but off the top the forks are still just too stiff. I have seriously considered driving my forks down the road to Factory Connection. I work w/ F.C.'s Co-Owner's brother.

MXA did a write up on fork oil. In the article, it was stated as the 2.5# did not have the LUBRICATING abilities of 5# (KYB 01, SHOWA SS-7, etc). The article recommended 5# or >.

MXA did a fork mod comparison a couple of years ago. For what it is worth, Pro Action rated fair. MX Tech rated superb, Factory Connection very good. Others were mentioned, but those 3 stood out for me.

I had my forks done BEFORE the article hit the press.

Your comments about Pro-Action are the same as most others who use them. They actually do have some happy customers but it is rare. I've heard good things about FC and I know MX Tech has some good valving also. One reason I like the Race Techs stuff because it does away with the unpredictable variables of the mid-valve and the cartridge valve.

I've never heard the lack of lubrication issue with 2.5wt oil. It should do exactly what you want to accomplish but you may have to run the oil level a little higher so you can run lower clicker settings.

There is no problem doing just the front Gold Valves without doing the rear. You'll get a big benefit doing it with or without the shock getting done at the same time.

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