Bobsledding on Speed - a new low - horrifying

Just when I thought Speed could go no lower, to my stunned and horrified amazement today I turn on the tube to find bobsledding on.

Absolute gutter level programming, wait even lower than that...this is sewer level stuff.

I am completely blown away.

So now we get choices:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: NASCAR

Friday, Saturday, Sunday : NASCAR and NASCAR from the 70's and 80's

But wait theres more, on Tuesday for a total of 1/2 hour we get Greg and 2 Wheel Tuesday.

What an amazing channel, I am so happy I pay for the "digital" package with my cable company so that I can get Speed.

Im no nascar fan, but they should just call it The Nascar Channel, all of my buddies that watch it do. lol I dont get the no-respect thing for supercross and motocross, even for enduro racing. All these channels with the lamest themes, and we cant get any motorcycle racing coverage LIVE? For F&^*'s sake, someone has to see that 50,000 people fill the domes for supercross, theres no tv marketing there to be had? unreal.

Yeah, they suck. However we don't have anything better (unbelievable!) There are old bike races on OLN and even older ones on FOX and ESPN2 (they showed 02 FIM Supermoto race with VDB last week!) I feel like I'm back in USSR...

I'm happy that they are showing 30 min of Dakar and WILL be showing all Moto GP and WSBK races.

I'd rather see bobsledding on Speed than NASCAR...


For some reason, I wasn't at all surprised when I turned on Speed and saw them showing luge racing...or whatever it's called. Speed sucks.

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