Black Plastic Kits

I have 2000 WR400F with a baja DS kit and wouldlike to add black fenders, side panels, shrouds etc... Does the YZ plastic fit the WR? It seems hard to find black plastic shrouds and side panels. Anyone tried different models of plastic and made them work?

The front and rear fenders will interchange. The yz shrouds will not work with the wr tank for 2000 models. The side pannels will also interchange.

As far as the side panels go, you will have to cut off some of the ribbing/bracing on the left panel (if it's a YZ panel) to allow the coolant reservoir to fit (assuming you haven't removed it) - it's easy and works just fine

I have a YZF rear fender and the following UFO universal rear tail light/plate/turnsignal setup and it looks great. :)


P.S. The only souce of radiator shrouds in black that I have found is Yamaha GYTR parts. :)

Thanks for the input folks...I love this site for info, small or large! :)

I think theres some Euro company overseas that sells black plastic too.

I had their catalog once but I cant remember their name now.

Sorry. :)

Porbably "Polisport". Their website isn't 100%, and they don't appear to have a distibution center in the US. They make the headlights for husky, and they have a lot of other headlight designs that aren't as dated as UFO, nor are they as over the top futuristic as Acerbis.

Porbably "Polisport".

Thats it. :D

Thanks dude. :)

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