ride comparo te250/wr250f

Ive been trying to find a review between the 04 husky te250 and wrf250. I know the magazines arent always trustworthy, so along with that, how many have ridden both bikes? I have not ridden either and have narrowed my choices down to one or the other. To me it seems like the major differences are that the te obviously has more ergonomics and is a lighter bike, but the wrf is easy to uncork power out of with free mods. How well would a stock te250 compare to a wr250 with all the free mods done to it? Anyone have any ideas?

Try this link it's a test in Italy's Motociclismo Magazine. It's a test with the Husky TE450 and the KTM450. It's in Italian so you're going to want to use the translation feature in BabeFish. They also have other off-road test and they aren't bios like a lot of the American Magazines. You know, like if you buy a lot of advertising your going to win the shoot-out!

See the link below for Babefish. Copy the URL for the test and drop it into Translate web page. Pull the drop-down-window to translate it from Italian to English. hit the translate button and vola you've got it in English. It's pretty cool.



Also try this it's a test on the YZ250F with a link to the TE250


It's kind of funny how in Europe these things are street legal and EU emmisions are tougher than us standerds. Strange isn't it.

They also have test on a lot of bike you will never see over here

Also Australian Dirt Rider tested the 250 and 450 back in 2002 and you can find the test on their website :)

I have a 03 YZ250F with a Power Now, FMF Power bomb header and a Q 4 silencer. My buddies TE 250 is just as fast as my YZ in a roll on drag race up to about 40 mph and he still has sixth gear, we did not go any faster.

wow, then i guess it would smoke a wr250 heh

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