Opinion on a bike..

hi all, i posted this question on another guys thread.. and i guess i shouldn't have. here is the question i have for you all.

i'm new to riding used to ride when i was younger (10-12) now i'm 37 (ah) *lol* anyways on to my question i've gone riding for the past 2 weekends and having a blast. i borrow a friends kdx220 (2 stroke) and am having the time of my life.. but, now it's time to buy myself a bike.. i was looking at the cr250 but, all my friends are talking me out of it saying it's waaaaaay to much power and really stiff. sooo, they suggeted i get a 4 stroke!!! so, now i'm looking at the crf250r!!! *yeah* but, i want to find out if this is really the bike for me. i'm 6'2 @ 190 and want to ride track type stuff but, also want to ride in the desert not race just ride and have a fun time.. any help would be really helpful.. thanks for your time!

also, thanks to drz4001311 for his feeback. :)

The KDX has pretty broad power for a 2 smoke. The current CR250's have good power but it's in a very narrow band...I had an '00 CR250 and it was a handful off road because it was like riding with a "light switch"....no power or ALL THE POWER. This works great for MX but not so good for off road. I had a '02 YZ250 after the CR it had more power than the CR but was easier to ride ( IMHO ) due to it's broad power delivery. This year's RM250 is supposed to have a really usable motor as well.

4 stroke 250 MX bikes like the CRF don't have quite as much peak HP as a YZ250 but have very usable power and are a blast to ride. To put it in prospective I'd guess the KDX might make 28 HP, the CRF250 is about 36 HP and the YZ250 is somewhere around 43 HP. The CRF will be the easiest to ride on the track, followed by the YZ250 - again this is just my opinion - but I have owned all the bikes in question here. :D

ANY of these MX bikes are going to feel very stiff compared to a KDX. But you can soften them up using the adjustments in the suspension and changing oil levels in the forks. :)

thanks chris.. i've just heard so many good things about honda, so.. i'm kinda leaning towards the honda :)

i've heard that same thing about the cr250 it's either on (whaoh) or it's off (nothing) so, i was just curious what everyone thought about the 4 stroke version of it (crf250)

thanks for your time :D

At 190 pounds I wouldn't rule out a Cr 250. If you ride the desert alot you will like the extra power especially if you hit some big sand hills.

I put steel clutch plates and a Boysen rad valve in my 02 CR and it works great. Its my first 2 stroke and I was worried about the so called "hit", but now Im loving it, especially in the tight stuff.

Also, you can still get new 01 and 02 CR 250's from some dealers for alot less than the 250f and they wil come with a green sticker and pass sound check no problem so you can ride anywhere and anytime you want.

Just something to think about. :)

Get the 4 stroke you will be much happier and you bones will thank you, :)

thanks guys i really do appreciate the replies.. :)

That's a good point. Not to talk you out of a CRF but a '02 (pick a color)250 is going to be dirt cheap, green sticker and no sound issues. Not a consideration where I ride...but could be an issue for others.

I know of 3 guy's that sold '02 YZ250 in very good shape for $3200 or less. :D Great bikes, just no market for them, everybody wants a 4 stroke! :)

In socal you could look around on these sites for local bikes for sale:





and of course HERE on Thumpertalk. :D

*whoo hoo* i'm sooo excited, i picked it (crf250r) up yesterday from lacycle from dan (thanks tanker). thanks everyone for your help :D i can't wait to go riding this weekend :)

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