230 to XR250 or CRF230x

The 230's a lot of fun on trails, but I think I'll give it to my kid and buy something a little faster. What's the HP on the XR250 vs 230? Is it significant or should I wait for the CRF250x?

No racing, purely for trail riding.


I'd say the power difference is not significant after you uncork the 230. The XR's suspension is SIGNIFICANTLY better than the 230's. If you want a significant power increase get the X. It’s only $1300 more than XR msrp.

Have you done the free mods? Maybe you can wait for the X to be about a while before you buy it.

The 250x will be interesting to see, assuming they don't push the release date up again. I see a couple of things that might influence buyers that want a trail machine: 37.9" seat height is great for experts that never dab a foot but the rest of us mortals may have problems. The 2.2 gal tank makes for a pretty short trail ride. On the other hand, estart on the 250x would be a godsend. I wouldn't rule out an XR, they are a whole different bike than the 230 and there are aftermarket mods galore available. :)

id go with the xr,i have an o4 xr250 and i love it. the 230 doesnt have very good suspension :) and its built on the same mainframe as the 150,so its really not that "big" and hell grow out of it fast i wouldnt waste the extra 1300 bucks on the x if its just trail riding. if he wanted to get into some racing also or hit bigger jumps this would be good but you can still hit some good-sized ones with the xr250 id say go with the xr :D

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