Kudos to Vickery

My buddy bought a 99 KX65 for his kid. He was getting off a pw80 and to say there's differance would be an understatment. The kid, scared crapless rode the bike in first gear until the topend roasted.

My buddy brought the bike to the shop to get parts and his salesmen told him to bring the bike in instead. They replaced the topend and the crank! NO CHARGE!

I could not beleive it. That's great!

That's been my experience with them as well. They're not perfect, but they try.

Dittos ! Bet that salesman was Brett, he's top notch ! On day-one back in Jan 03', my new WR450 starter button fragged after closing hours. Called up, whined to Brett before he left work. He and the Service Manager, Billy, waited almost an hour after closing to fix my bike so I could ride it the next day on Sunday. Now I'd swim shark infested waters just to send a new Customer their way. :)

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