im a beginner. and i have been looking at TTR's cause they say it is a good starter bike. but i have also heard that i will outgrow it fast. i dont want to keep buyin new bikes all the time. i want the best bike for the money and the best bike for stability and less maintenance. and i have ridden dirt bikes since i was a kid. im not new at it but dont know where to go from here. and i want your opinion on the "BETTER" bike. i will be riding tracks and terrain. Basically im looking for a bike to get started on and be able to do alot with i said jumps,track,speed...etc. so give me your opinions please. this will also be in the (CRF-150/250F) section to see what answers i get.

Mainly looking for:

Torque / speed / 4-stroke / stable / overall strong.



Well if you have the money & are big enough to ride any of the 250f's out there then that is going to be the best bike for what your describing.The TTR 125L & the CRF 150 are pretty similar in most ways.I have a TTR125L & my buddy just bought a CRF 150 so i have had alittle time on both bikes.The TTR is cheaper (usually) alittle lower seat height,less weight and better brakes (in my opinion).The CRF 150 has better stock suspention & weighs 42 lbs more.It comes down to personal preferance on these little bikes but you cant really go wrong with either one.I didnt mention the kaw/suz 125s because i dont know anything about them but i did sit on the kaw at the dealer & it felt really nice & similar to the TTR. I also have a YZ 250F so i know about those as well thats why i recomended those. :)

I don't know much about the crf-150 but I have a ttr-125l and it is great. You can't go wrong with either bike but they make every accessery for the ttr-125l. If you want more than 125cc than you can put a 150cc big bore kit on the ttr. If you did that you would have a 150 without all the extra weight and weight is a pretty big matter. GOOD LUCK. :)

I got a crf150 in may and out grew it so fast. So dont make the mistake did and get a crf150. Get a yz250f.

If you wanna have the secured to see at night in case something happens ( Like me, chain disconnected on my TT-r out in the middle of nowhere and it took me from 6:00 to about 8:00 trying to get the piece of crap on, then couldnt see in the woods. Had to go on to the road to get home at 10:00 at night) get a WR 250F. I have heard good things on these. YZ 250F suspension, TT-r like seat, and a light. Great looking bike if you ask me. Wish I had one. :)


The TTR and CRF are both play bikes.

:) i got really good choices here. Now that you have showed me the 250f i dont know how big it will be. i will prbly have to go out and look. sounds like a good bike.

What im lookin for between bikes.

Strong frame

good torque

and awsome all round bike!!!

The 250F and Wr are great bikes that you will not out grow, but they are tall and quite high strung. The harder you ride them, the better they perform. They will also require more maintenance that the TTR or CRF. Not sure if this is what you are looking for. A little bit larger bike, that still fits in the semi-play bike catagory would be the CR230F. You will not out grow it as fast and you can play around on a track as long as you are not too serious and not too heavy. The next class up before going to the race bikes (250F etc) is the TTR250, DRZ250, XR250 and KLX300. All are good bikes and may be worth your time to check out. I believe the TTR250 currently has the best pricing, although some KAWI dealers will cut great deals on the KLX300.

Just some additional options.

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