XR650L Web pages.

Are there any good web pages like xr650r.net for the XR650L? Or are they similar enough bikes that the weak points for the R are the same for the L?

R is liquid and L is air cooled.. What other differences? Is there somewhere I can find out?

They are different animals. Like comparing apples to oranges. The L is a very capable off road bike and cruises nicely on the highway. I have taken mine on single track trails. Keep in mind, that both bikes were not meant for this purpose. There are both better suited for double track trails, fire roads, or wide open desert terain. I am sure the R has more off-road prowess, but hey, it's supposed to. And the R pumps out more power. But if you want a great dual sport bike, you can't beat the L. I have had a few dual sports, and by far this is the best one. There is a Yahoo group, xrlug. Lots of good links, info, and knowledable XRL owners. :)


Look for XR600 web pages because the XR650L shares a lot more with the XR600 than it does with the 650R. You'll be surprised how similar they are once you look into it and there's all kinds of XR600 info out there.

Also check out the xrlug group on Yahoo for some great 650L info :)


This link will get you there. http://www.angelfire.com/ut/xrlug/index.html Just go to the bottom of the page. I've been a member since I picked up my latest XRL. Definitely good info about the XRL, but not too much discussion about the XR.

You name it, and probably one of the members has done it. Like my Clarke tank. A member clued me in about the need to brace it. I was on my own but it was absolutely clear what he meant after I installed it. Tires, carbs, eletrical work, suspensions, supermotard, touring, exhaust... :D You can even post pictures of your beast in the member's section.

I agree the XRL is older and not as high-tech as the XR, but like the others are saying, "Honda got it right the first time." My XRL works great both on and off road. And that's what I bought it for. I hope to put many thousands of miles on this Chopper before moving on to another Honda XRL, XRX, XRZ or whatever the next generation duallie is. :)

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