TTR 250 - will it run WITHOUT a battery??

Who knows if the TTR will run without a battery?

If the battery is completely dead - would the bike bump start?

I hear Yamaha accessories catalog advertises a kick start unit. Anyone seen or tried this yet?



My little bro rides a TTR250 also. His battery has gone dead before and we were forced to bump start it. (pulling it around with mom's Blaster) It fired right up and we let it run for a while. I'm not sure if it would run withought the battery or not. I think we might be interested in a kickstarter for my brother's bike too; for when the battery goes dead.

I have my XT350 currently running w/o the battery. It's been like that for 3 years with no problems. Of course it already had a kick starter. I'm sure if you converted the TTR it would be fine. Make sure you get a battery eliminator like I have so you dont burn out light bulbs

TTR250 uses CDI.

CDI = Capacitive Discharge Ignition; this means NO battery is needed or even used for ignition system. Cap is charged by source coil, then discharged thru ignition coil.

YzMann, what are you doing posting here? You're supposed to be up north riding snowmobiles! School starts Thursday, and we're leaving Thursday night to the U.P. Hope to see you soon.

And thanks, it seems every time I speak to you(or type) I learn something new.

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Thanks guys,

From what I read here - If I buy a TTR, then I could remove the battery and not even add a battery eliminator. I guess if I wanted to I could leve the battery in place, but add the kickstart.

I'll assume Teamtoxic - you are riding a VMax up North in the white stuff (none allowed in Cincy)


Boomer, you're darn right. I'll be riding my YAMAHA VMAX XT600 this weekend, along with my Dad and his YAMAHA VMAX XTC700 and my mom on her YAMAHA XT500. YAMAHA RULES! Too bad my brother rides an Arctic Crap. :)

Keep it real

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