"00" yz426 vale adjustment ??

Is this an important service that should be done??

yes, very!

Hey thanks I'll get it done..Any good mech in so cal that knows how??

The best mechanic youll find will probably when you look in a mirror, your free, and you know what was done to the bike! Its really easy to do, if you can turn a wrench you can adjust your valves. It might take a few hours the first time but after you do it a couple times its no more of a hassle than changing your oil. Find a manual if you dont have one and have at it!


I am working on a "How-To" on checking and adjusting valve clearances on my webpage. Unfortunately, I started taking pictures once I had already checked the clearances. I will be taking pictures again once I get the new shims installed and check the valve clearances before putting everything back together so I can use those pic's. I hope to have things back together by this weekend. Here is the Link

The process to check them is very easy, IMHO. The adjustment can be a pain :)

You know !! your right, I can do it myself and I 'll learn.. thanks

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