What is the difference between an 01 ans 02 WR426f

I am thinking about buying a WR426 and an 01 model is available in my area. I was set on an 02 model only for the fact that it is one year newer. Are there any major differences between the two?



I believe in 2002 they went to the titanium valves. That is the only difference I remember but Yamaha is always changing things ahead of the rest.

Nope, my 2001 got 5 splendid titanium valves.

The changes are minor, something about brakes and suspension, jetting maybe... can't remember precisely.

Got to look back in the old "Dirt Bike" mags.

The only big diff. is on an 01 you can put in YZ spacers and pitch the stock odo. But the 02 has a larger space and you have to run the stock odo as a spacer. It sucks because mine seized and I just threw it away and put in the YZ spacer but my buddies 02 could'nt do the same.



I left the odometer gear/spacer on front wheel spacer on the front wheel and removed the odometer and cable. Then I bought a tube of silicon and filled up the little cone shaped spout that comes with the silicon and let it dry. Then snipped off the extra part of the spout and screwed it right on where the odometer cable screwed into the hub. Worked like a champ and kept all the crap out.

Actually that is the difference between the 400 and 426. The 400 came with steel valves and the 426 sports titanium valves.

Thanks for correcting me and sorry if it caused any confusion.

Just tagging on the bottom of this thread coz yous probaly the guys for my question. my 2001 wr426f arrived today and i have not managed to start it once in 7 hours of trying. I can only hope its the spark plug coz it makes no sense. What I really want to know is the ultimate set up for the bike. I believe its standard now and would like to do the throttle stop screw and air box top mods along with getting the bike properly jetted while still retaining the stock muffler. Ive heard about the blue wire neutral thing and would appreciate any suggestions on the above coming from experience of running this bike. I intend to use it for fun, no racing.

There is absolutely not fault there buddy. This forum is about sharing ideas... Listen, I was sure the 426 had Ti valves but I did not even know that the WR400f had steel valves so you see. We often learn a lot even from small mistakes on this forum... so thanks for that mistakes :):D

Listen giggle,

Your question would require a day to answer. Fortunately most of the issues you are trying to get infos about have already been addressed. Try the search engine of the forum and you will find more info than what a man could read in a day :).

As for the starting drill. Put the bike on the stand and make sure it is stable. Pull the choke (The black switch). Make the kickstarter go down until it blocks (the piston reaches top dead center (tdc)). Then bring the kick back up and pull the decomp. Push on the kickstarter so the piston could pass tdc. Release the decomp. Bring the kickstarter back up again and jump on it. If the bike doesn't fire by two times (well, you may try three but not more than that) that means there is a problem.


cheers :D

I don't know if this is appilcable to your situation, but when my 02 YZ250f becomes hard to start, it is because the intake valves have tightened up. Once they are adjust it starts in one or two easy kicks.



The jetting could be too far off for your altitude. I couldn't start my brand new '99 WR400 until I backed off the fuel screw to 3 turns. Not a bad idea to check the valves and the jetting.


Pull the plug before you waste anymore effort.

I'd do the following to your bike:

1. BK Mod/Throttle stop/airbox lid/remove exhaust insert if there is one

2. New Handlebars and hand guards

3. Full Skid plate

4. Radiator guards

5. YZ time

6. YZ Seat/Tank combo

7. Aftermarket exhaust

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