Check out the new ride!!!!!

Well I finally got the new bike set up. Rode her a bit in the snow (level dropped to about a foot). Really have limited time on it but I really like it. It is so light compared to my 01 YZF. Pro-circuit pump cover is here and just have to install it. Pro-taper bars, Acherbis bark busters, and different tires are all on now. Overall great ride.

I would like to thank my sponsor here in Kamloops BC Canada. They have set up a great ride for this seasons off-road races. The mountains in the back ground are full of hundreds of miles of awesome single track. Check out the future of off roading (boys 2 and 3.5 years old).

Remember, any new four stroke owner/members with new KXF's and RMZ's, the Yamaha forum is full of info as these bikes are very similar (ie. valve checks and maintenance, carb issues etc). :):D

Another Kamloops guy that cant wait for the snow to melt.I am also picking up a KXF from Ledge Edge in the spring. See ya in then there hills. :)

Awesome view!!Is that you back yard?? :)

Yup. I share a 165 acres with my family and all around us is ranch land and crown (public) land that is all open for riding. We are so lucky up here. I don't even have to truck my bike if I don't want to. Am going to look at putting in a track this summer. :):D

sweet lookin bike man that pro circuit cover will save u some much time.

kantoniak, im guessing you know who kris foster is, cuz you guys use the same leading edge graphics. i live down in the lower mainland so we dont have to worry about snow (till now!!!). it was weird when i opened the pic file and i saw fosters graphics lol.

Andrew127. I actually bought Kris's dads KDX200 last year for my wife but I havn't run into Kris yet. He does the motocross scene and I am into off-road. The graphics are pretty cool though (photo doesn't really do it justice). I am thinking to get the gold backing for my number plates. That might look trick.

Ya, watched the news this am and saw the carnage down there with the snow. If its any consulation, the idiots up here had less accidents but harder hits (highway head-ons etc).

Yours will be gone in a couple of days. Happy riding. :)

nice looking bike!! It would look way better in River City Yellow though!!! :)

You guys have snow.....c'mon!! I live in this crap for 5-6 months of the year. Sucks when i have to take a day or two off work and drive 8-9 hours to ride. I do love riding in Kamloops though....i have a blast in the trails and on a few home-made tracks. My best friend is going to College there so were starting to get all the riding spots figured out. See ya in about a month or two. :)

SNOW :) whats that??? Where i live in australia where lucky enough to get rain! Lately weve had duststorms here 4 the last week but its been good for me cause the neighbour bout 500m each side of me cant complaine about all the dust i make :D


More snow here than in Chetwynd so far. We had 50cm's late November. I work a fair bit in your fair town and have a lot more to do in Tumbler this spring. I know a fellow who works for Canfor and rides a YZ400 there (Guy Taylor). Know him? Anyhow, if you are coming down and want to do some trails send me a PM.

As for that "River City Yellow", unfortionately that ship didn't sail early enough :D. Is the user the "poor boy mechanic" in the shop ( :D) or the "stellar parts guy" at the till (:D)????

Boy, that Australian riding must get boring without some of the white stuff to spice up the riding?

It's all good. :D:)

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