Handlebars: Confused???

I have looked at 2 different brands of bars Pro Tapers and Renthal. There is so many choices. I am looking to stay with 7/8". I am a slightly tall rider at 6'1". I would like taller bars. I ride hare scrambles on a 2003WR250F. If anybody has any advice please fill me in. I have know idea what to get. Thanks for your help.

For a 7/8" bar, I recommend the TAG X5's. I have had them for over a year with no problems at all. The only other bar with a 5mm wall thickness is a new one Pro Taper just released.

As for the height, check the measurements of the different bends. It should be on the manufacturer's website, and/or in some catalogs.

Don't get Renthals. I had a pair of twinwalls that the outer wall cracked in two places. I went to return them to the shop I bought them from and apparently Renthal is not honoring their warranty on bars any more. I would go with pro taper or universal. My buddy has had good performance from his tag bars, and I like my Universal Solex bars (YZ bend) I am 6'-0 170.

Renthal just sucks, unless you get them for free (sponser)


I aslo like Tag bars but have not personally used the X5. I have the T2 (oversized) and have loved them. I have heard a lot of taller riders say good things about the Hi-CR bend. I use the Lo-CR bend because I am short. :)

I put some Renthal YZ85 bend bars on mine. They're a little taller than stock and already cut more narrow for woods riding. I think they're about 30" wide.


I don't know whom you spoke with about your Renthal bar cracking, but you received some incorrect advice. It is true that Renthal discontinued their warranty against Twinwalls bending, however they are still warranted for workmanship and materials. It sounds like you have an earlier pair that has a corrosion issue. I recommend you call me and I will discuss this issue with you. Dial 877-RENTHAL and ask for David. As for Renthal sucking, we are stock on 04 Honda's and I will guarantee you Honda doesn't put sub-standard products on their motorcycles. Quite frankly, Renthal is one of the only Handlebar companies that actually manufacture their products. Pro Taper and Tag have someone else make their stuff.

Well opinions generally come from experience or ignorance, and I'd say his was the former. Personally, it doesn't matter to me if the bar company makes them or not. To be honest, I'd rather a company that specializes in metals make my bars than a motocross company. Obviously Renthal didn't get it right the first time around.

pro tapers

Pro Tapers! I have the same set of bars "pro tapers" since 1997 when I put them on my 97 YZ 125.Now they are on my 03 YZ 250F. They are almost unbendable. :)

you are crazy.

call Renthal and send them your cracked bars. they will replace them with no questions asked.


They don't replace bent bars, but cracked ones?....absolutely!

what dealer told you that?

The dealer was Capital Yamaha in Sacramento CA.


Another, vote for renthal, we have them on all our bikes and they seem indestructible. We have bent only two pairs in 3 years and seen many many crashes. They been on wr250,yz125,cr125,450exc,yz250f. my boys and I like the ezra lusk and the carmichael bend.we did try a couple of other brands,not pro taper and one crash did them in; went back to renthal :)

Renthal is a metal specialist, and is owned and operated by a chartered engineer.

What do you mean by "they didn't get it right the first time?" there was never a warranty, it was actually a 'virtual guarantee' against a fatigue failure. This guarantee still holds true and is still the same as it ever was. Renthal stopped replacing bent bars for free, becasue 90% of the time...the bars were not bent. It was either the forks twisted or the rubber mounts scrunched. When Renthal lowered the price from $199, to $139...they stopped replacing bent bars. It is not Renthal's fault that people thought that it was a warranty against bending. That was the common thought of the public, but was never the case. Virtual Guarantee against a fatigue failure. It was on teh very first hang tag...and is on the current hang tag that is on every set of Twinwall handlebars

Don't get it twisted, Renthal specializes in metals. :)

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